Apr 222013

transgenderSelina Koloi, a senior political science and history major from American Samoa who is a HELP Research Assistant at the UH Hilo Women’s Center will talk about definitions and issues that affect the transgender community along with the intersection with the Pacific Islander community. What does UH Hilo and the community offer for students who have needs of transgender transitions, support, leadership opportunities, etc? This event is co-sponsored by the UH Hilo Women’s Center and is open to the public. Bring your lunch.

Transgender Pacific Islanders at UH Hilo
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
12:30 – 1:30 pm
PISC, Campus Center 307

About HELP:

Hawaii Engaged Learning Positions (HELP): Funded by the UH Hilo’s AANAPISI Grant and administered through the Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC), the HELP initiative enables Pacific islander students at UH Hilo to create meaningful employment opportunities that impact their education while fulfilling a need in the Pacific islander community on campus, on the Big Island, or throughout the Pacific region.



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