Google RISE Awards

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Aug 042016

The Google RISE program <> will be accepting applications from July 28-Sept. 23 from organizations seeking to increase equity in computer science education through extracurricular programs for pre-university students.

Program components include:

  • Access to a 12-month capacity building program that connects awardees with Google expertise

  • Financial support to reward great work ($10,000-$25,000)

  • Operational support depending on the needs of the organization, such as volunteers or pro bono consulting

  • Peer engagement through a community of practice that connects awardees and alumni

Additionally, the RISE program analyzes over 1000 applications per year to understand the global landscape of CS education, and helps scale solutions by amplifying stories so that other communities around the world can benefit from the awardees’ successes and lessons learned.

Since 2010, RISE has benefited 200 organizations across 40 countries and reached over 1 million students.