About Point Break Pacific


Along the tides, there is a boundary that stretches through the waters where the waves reaches its climax and breaks as ocean meets earth. At this point, even the most powerfullest waves must bend.

Point Break Pacific

The PointBreakPacific project is where the voices of community are amplified by a voice within the community. Through different vehicles of writing, media and storytelling, the intent is to ultimately shine light on individuals who are part of this new climax of change. The material is infused with emotion, passion, and personal experience from the words of a fellow student.

The Depth
“Our strength is determined by the depth of our roots”
As we chase our dreams, map the uncharted and break glass ceilings, we continue to honor the culture and choose to celebrate the journey of those who have made a way for us.

The Tides
“There are high times and low times, but we feel them together”
From current events to current of issues, the news in the Pacific is as diverse as its peoples and cultures. With our people spread globally, this is the opportunity to hear what it is happening outside our neighborhood and sharing how we can help.

The Body
“Your success is my success”
As the tides pulse through the vass body, the struggles and obstacles are felt throughout the Pacific. Our hope is to celebrate accomplishments, lighten the burdens and ultimately bring unity on this platform.

The New Wave
“We are not the voice of tomorrow. We are the voice of today”
The goal of PBP is to not only capture the voices of tomorrow, but to also acknowledge those young men and women who are currently making an impact. We are surrounded by students blazing trails and this is the opportunity to recognize those steps.

The Navigators
“and off we go”
The most unique attribute of PBP pieces is the voice of our writers. With a mixture of subjective and objective material, excerpts range from passionate, tear-jerking story-telling to the daily forecast from the shores of Hilo.

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