Eva Abraham – Pohnpeian Dorrance Scholarship 2016 Recipient

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Apr 262016

Congratulations to Eva Abraham, Pohnpeian senior at Waiakea High School, for being a Dorrance Scholarship 2016 recipient!

Click here to learn more about the 2016 Hawaii recipients: https://hilo.hawaii.edu/news/press/release/1797

Click here to learn more about the Dorrance Scholarship: http://www.dorrancescholarship.org/applicants/hi-hs-senior/

MIC Represented UH Hilo at Marshallese Education Day at UH Manoa

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Apr 242016
MED2016 - parents

Participants in the 9th Annual Marshallese Education Day at UH Manoa.

UH Hiloʻs Marshallese Iakwe Club (MIC) participated in the 9th Annual Marshallese Education Day (MED) on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at UH Manoa. Sponsored by the Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC) and funded by the AANAPISI grant, the 15-member delegation comprised of MIC president, Mr. Randon Jack, faculty advisor Dr. Joseph Genz, and 13 club members and officers. The UH Hilo delegation also included Amber Manini from the UH Hilo Admissions Office.

Founded in 2007, the Marshallese Education Day (MED) is an annual event that aims to recognize honor students of the Marshallese community from schools throughout Oahu in grades 7-12. MED recognizes both private and public school children. Honor students are awarded recognition for their hard work. The MED event is an opportunity to connect various service providers directly with the communities they wish to reach. The event brings in local leaders to further motivate the students to pursue greatness through higher education and to be proud of their cultural identity. Parents are encouraged and taught how to be proactive in their child’s education. The desired outcome of this event is to positively encourage successful assimilation of the Marshallese community in Honolulu through education.

Meet the MIC Delegation


MIC delegation to Marshallese Education Day on Oahu. L-R: Lonia, Pam, Dr. Genz, Calvin, Blucy, Risa, Roseia, Emilson, Randon, Sana, Jasmine, Tracy, Dexter, Roger (Click here for MIC Delegation FB Photo Gallery)

Roger Muller (mullerroger@yahoo.com): I am a junior level student here at UH Hilo trying to earn his BA in Agriculture Studies solely to return home and work in furthering the Agriculture Development for the whole of Marshall Islands. My family is of the Re-tutu household of Arno who have a long standing tradition of being traditional herbalist. We practice the ideals of helping others in need and by healing people through herbal medicine. Growing up I see that my people are detach from the old ways of living off the land rather they live off the supermarkets in today’s modern lifestyle. Western Lifestyle has graphology changed the landscape of how life is in the Marshalls. I feel by earning a degree and gaining experience I may or better prepare myself in taking up the Torch to safe guard my homeland. I strongly feel UH Hilo is able to provide both needs while attending here. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Advise: “Ukot Boke should be your driving force to motivate you to do better and to help you experience the world. You got this.”

Risa Kabua Myazoe (rmyazoe@hawaii.edu): I graduated from Seventh-day Adventist H.S. in Majuro. My jowi (clan) is Raur. Majoring in Agriculture: Tropical Plant Science and Agroecology. I chose UH Hilo because it is the perfect place to study agriculture. CAFNRM labs are all hands-on and the large farming community in Hilo gives plenty opportunities for students in this field to grow, to learn.

Advise: “Go to college and study what you are passionate about.”

Calvin Myazoe (cmyazoe@hawaii.edu): My name is Calvin Myazoe and I’m from the Marshall Islands. I’m the eldest son of Paul and Kejel Myazoe and my clan is called ‘Ribit’. During my highschool years, I attended the Assumption High Schools in the Marshall Islands as a freshmen although I would later transfer to San Lorenzo High School in California to finish off my highschool years. I am currently attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo as a senior studying in Accounting with hopes of graduating and heading back home to work in my field of study.

Advise: “Dream big and take action!”

Dexter Loeak (loeakd@gmail.com): my name is Dexter Loeak. I graduated at Majuro Baptist Christian Academy which is located in the Marshall Islands the year 2013. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. My clan is called “Makauleej”. And I my major is Marine Science.

Advise: “Don’t just do work, learn and get into the work.”

Jasmine Hicking (jhicking19@gmail.com): I.m from the Marshall Islands and was graduated from the Marshall Islands High School in year 2006 with Health Academy Class. I’m a transfer student from the Republic of the Marshall Islands-University of the South Pacific Joint Education Program under the Science program. I just started here in UH Hilo this Spring 2016 and I’m Major in Biology. I chose UH Hilo to continue my studies because as a science major, UH Hilo is the right place to study science because of the volcano. It has the variety of plants and animals which is very much contributed to studies of life. As a Biology Major, I want to become a researcher for local medicines and do some comparison to the western medicine.

Advise: “Don’t just stop after graduating high school. Find you way to figure out what you want to do in the future. Think about our small islands’ future.”

Erbiland Mandira (emandira@hawaii.edu): My name is Erbiland Mandira and my clan name is Ranno. I am the third child of Lejer Mandira and Maryland T. Mandira; I am from Majuro and Wotje from my mother’s side, also from Mili and Arno from my father’s side. I am a senior here at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo and hoping to graduate in Spring 2017. I graduated from the College of the Marshall Islands back in 2010. The reason why I chose to come to UH Hilo because I heard that the Marshallese community here in Hilo is so helpful and supportive. I also work as a producer for Pacific Students Media team (www.pacificstudents.org). I’ve been working with this media team since my first semester here.

Advise: “College is fun, and more professional skills you’ll learn here.”

Tracy Jetton (tjetton@hawaii.edu): My name is Tracy Jetton and I am from the Marshall Islands. I was born and raised there and was a former high school student of both Marshall Islands High School and the Upward Bound Program. I am a proud mother of a son and UH Hilo has been one of the best choices to come here for education not only that, but easier for me to stay close to my family. 😀

Advise: “If you try your best, nothing will be impossible!”

Randon Jack (rjjack@hawaii.edu): I was born and raised in Majuro, Marshall Islands. I graduated from Majuro Cooperative High School and am currently a student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo majoring in Agriculture, focusing in Tropical Horticulture. I am enjoying UH Hilo and I hope to successfully complete education here.

Advise: “Always know your roots and show pride for your roots as you move on with your educational journey so that everyone can know who you are and where you come from, because if you don’t know who you are you may become lost.”

Pam Kaious (pkaious@hawaii.edu): I am from a low class family in the Marshall Islands. Though, Marshall Islands is one place where the people are respectful, loving, and caring. Growing on the island made me to realize how important the society is, especially the people. Deriving from a public elementary school, I got into our so called high school, the Marshall Islands High School. After I graduated from high school, I went on to a two year college at our community college, the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI). I graduated from CMI in the year 2014. Now, I am currently an Administration of Jusctice Major at the Univeristy of Hawaii at Hilo. Being an AJ major would do such great change back in the Marshall Islands and to the people.

Advise: “College is an adventure. Go for it so you can help our people back in the Marshall Islands. Be productive.”

Lonia Kaiko (loniak@hawaii.edu): My name is Lonia Kaiko and I am from the Marshall Islands from these different islet ( Maloelap, Jaluit, Utrok and Wotje). I inherited my clan name from my mother which is called “Deepdep”. I graduated from Assumption High School in the year of 2013. After High School, I went straight and apply to the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) to pursue my AA degree. After 2 years of being at CMI I thought to myself that I did not want to stop there but I wanted to further my education and that is when I chose to come to UH Hilo. I chose to come to UH Hilo to achieve my Bachelor Degree on Accounting Major, because I believe it’s close to my home and knowing that i have marshallese friends and families here won’t make feel lonely on this strange island.

Advise: “College is a time where you get to be independent and meet variety of people from everywhere but always remember that focusing on your studies and accomplishing them is the most important thing why you are here in college.”

Roseia Aiseia (raiseia@hawaii.edu): I graduated from Marshall Islands High school in the year of 2009, enrolled on fall 2009 at the College the Marshall Islands. I took a year off after I enrolled, but I graduated on May 2015. I am majoring on Business of Administration and the reason why I chose UH Hilo its because it can help me accomplish my goals.

Advise: “Aim high and straight, apply, finish it because once you do, you won’t regret looking back on the day you took the opportunity on becoming a college student.”

Sana Grace Atlan Anien (sanien@hawaii.edu): My name is Sana Grace Atlan Anien and this is my second semester here as a full time student here at UH. I was born in the Marshall Islands and my clan is Raej. I am currently enrolled as a full time student majoring in Administration of Justice. I graduated from Marshall Islands High School in 2012 and earned my Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts at the College of the Marshall Islands in 2015. I chose to attend UH Hilo as my first choice because of its unique sense of diversity and its programs. I grew up here in Hilo while my father was attending UH Hilo and it was considered a second home for me and as I grew up, I’ve always wanted to attend UH Hilo.

Advise: “The key to having a successful life is through education.”

Emilson Brayan (ebrayan@hawaii.edu): My name is Emilson Brayan, commonly known among the Marshallese as “Latip”. I was born and raised on the capital city of the Marshall Islands, Majuro. I attended the largest public school in the Marshall Islands called Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) which is on Majuro and graduated with 4 year honors. After graduating from high school, I further my educational knowledge by attending the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI). After three years of studying, I graduated with a AA in Liberal Arts. During the same year, I welcomed my daughter, so after graduating from CMI I chose to work for a year to fulfill my child’s need(s). After a year of working, I decided to attend UH Hilo because of the location, which is closer to my home atoll. I never really think of applying for anywhere but UH Hilo because it is the only college (as far as I understand) that transfer most of your credits. Upon this understanding and by having a child, UH Hilo is the only college that can help me grow into a good father and also, help me achieve my educational goals.

Advise: “In whatever you do/choose, be true to yourself.”

Blucy Jack (blucy@hawaii.edu): Iokwe and Aloha! My name is Blucy Jack and I am from Marshall Islands. In one way of family recognition in my country is by telling our clan name therefore, my clan name is Kalo. A little brief about my education background, I graduated from Marshall Islands High School in 2011, and went on into college at College of the Marshall Islands and finished at the year of 2015. Now here at UH Hilo, II am a Junior student majoring in Administration of Justice minoring with Women Studies. And the reason why I chose UH Hilo is because besides from being the only university I applied to, I have friends who motivated me to come attending this university with them. So far, I found UH Hilo as a safe and a welcoming place where I am surrounded by good people especially by other Micronesian Students at school as Ohana. “We are Ocenia.”

Advise: “The only best advise I can give as a Marshallese student from UH Hilo is to choose a college where you know other Marshallese student are attending because you will find great help and safety from them.”

Dr. Joseph Genz, Club Advisor & Faculty, Anthropology Department and Pacific Islands Studies Certificate

For more information about the delegation, please contact Vid Raatior (raatior@hawaii.edu), 808-932-7795.

Tokelau’s new ferry ‘Mataliki’ reaches Apia port

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Apr 182016

The brand-new Tokelau ferry “Mataliki” calls into Apia port on Wednesday 3 February, awaited by staff of the Tokelau Transport and Support Services (TSS) Department. The ship was designed in London and built in Bangladesh at a total cost of over NZ$12 million, funded by the New Zealand government, the company said in its press release.

Upon arrival on a beautiful calm morning, Mataliki was decked out in international signal flags for numbers and the letters of the alphabet. This ancient form of marine communication won’t ever need to be put to use seriously, it is hoped, as the ship is equipped with the most modern satellite navigation and communications technology – there’s even WiFi on board for its crew and passengers, so has been promised.

Click here to learn more: http://en.portnews.ru/news/217392/

[Guam] Lawmakers Pass Bill for 17-Year-Olds to Vote

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Apr 052016

In a 14-1 vote, lawmakers Saturday passed legislation to allow a certain group of 17-year-olds to participate in this year’s Primary Election.

Pending the governor’s approval of Bill 279-33, which Democratic Sen. Nerissa Underwood authored, 17-year-olds will be able to vote in the Primary Election on Aug. 27, so long as they turn 18 on or before the Nov. 8 General Election.

Click here to read more: http://www.guampdn.com/story/news/2016/04/03/lawmakers-pass-bill-17-year-olds-vote/82501824/

Palauan Boy Returns From Antarctica

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Mar 302016

Last week Calvin Idek Leidich, a young Palauan boy, son of Leticia and Ron Leidech, returned from an epic adventure to the Southern continent of Antarctica.  Calvin joined his father for a three week journey aboard an expedition ship called the National Geographic Explorer.  Their explorations began in Tierra del Fuego National Park, which sits at the Southern tip of South America.  They steamed through the Beagle channel into Drake’s passage which is notorious for its vicious winds and 50 foot swells.

Click here for more information:


Leonardo DiCaprio Visits Palau

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Mar 302016

------dicarpioMr. DiCaprio is said to be spending his short time here diving and visiting other marine sites that Palau is known for.  He is said to have gone diving with President Remengesau yesterday and had dinner with Council of Chiefs and the President last night.

Click here to read more: http://www.islandtimes.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=819%3Aleonardo-dicaprio-visits-palau&catid=6%3Apalau-news-a-current-events

[Yap & Chuuk] Limited American Citizens Service

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Mar 302016

Consular officer Bill Cook will be traveling to Chuuk and Yap to provide limited American Citizens Services such as passport applications, renewals, and birth certificates.

Click here for more information: https://www.facebook.com/usembassykolonia/posts/1069088183162458