Apr 262016
FSM students are eligible to apply for the following scholarship for 2016-2017:
  • Any FSM citizen is eligible (not just students from Pohnpei)
  • $1,000 per semester
  • Deadline:  July 1, 2016

Click here for the application: http://hilo.hawaii.edu/international/documents/RotaryClubofPohnpeiScholarshipApplication2016-2017.doc

Apr 262016

Deadline: No deadline, but it is recommended that you submit your application by June 30; no scholarships for summer
Send transcript to: FSM Department of Education, P.O. Box PS 87, Palikir, Pohnpei, FM 96941

Click here for more information: http://www.fsmed.fm/index.php/post-secondary-menu

Click here for the application: http://hilo.hawaii.edu/international/documents/FSMNationalScholarship.pdf

Apr 252016

Fellowship Dates: Aug. 30 – Sep. 4 2016

The Oceanic Peace Revolution Fellowship, entitled “Peace In + Peace Out = Sustainable World Peace”, will bring together a group of young people from all Oceanian countries who are interested in learning and exploring self-development as a primary means to make this world a better place to live. This retreat aims to promote a culture of peace, peace education, conflict prevention and youth empowerment through the primary means of self-development and meditation.

We live in a world which is often chaotic, stressful and where many people live their lives in situations which are out of their control. By developing personal skills, people can learn to be less reactive to emotions, stress, and challenging external environments and instead become proactive towards real and meaningful world change. Continue reading »

Apr 222016
I am taking a class at San Jose State University this summer that is about immigration.  There will be teachers from all over the United States that will be there.  Specifically, we are going to write a short play about immigrants to our area of the United States.  We are each hoping to bring back our play to use drama to enlighten our students as to the reasons that people move to a new home in our home state of Hawaii.
The purpose of the project is to understand our new neighbors, particularly Micronesians.  We would like to bring attention to the reason that they wanted to leave and come to the United States (Hawaii) so we can support them as best we can.
I am interested in learning from people who have left a Micronesian Island for an ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT(s).  Reasons might include: rising water will make a home uninhabitable; fishing has gotten difficult or impossible because there are fewer fish, quality of fish has declined, or greater competition for fish; radiation exposure due to atomic testing in the South Pacific; invasive species have compromised the agricultural crops; changing weather patterns have made fresh water from rain less available; or any other reason having to do with the environment.
I am hoping that we can bring attention to the ways that we in Hawai’i can help support our new Micronesian friends; we can raise our awareness of environmental issues that our new Micronesian friends tell us about in the Pacific Ocean; and we can learn specific steps that we can take in our own lives that will help keep our shared Pacific Ocean environment healthy.
I will need this information before June 10, 2016.  Email me at:  lqueueg@yahoo.com
Thank you.
Linda Q. Green

[COM-FSM] 23rd Founding Day Celebrated

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Apr 102016

Palikir, Pohnpei (April 4, 2016) – The College celebrated its 23rd Founding Day on April 1, 2016, at the College’s National Campus in Palikir. This year’s Founding Day was celebrated as “Celebrating Student Success in a Diversified Community”. Each College Campus conducted its own Founding Day activities.

At the National Campus, a Coronation Ceremony was held at the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center on March 30, 2016. A Prince and Princess representing each team (red for Yap, white for Chuuk, green for Kosrae, and blue for Pohnpei National) paraded through the gymnasium.

Click here for more information: http://www.comfsm.fm/myShark/news/item=1500/mod=04:09:57

[Yapese] Micronesian Legend of the Week and the Importance of Local Food

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Mar 302016

For the Yapese, taro, particularly Lak, is an important staple.  They plant more than their current needs just in case.  Traditionally, there have been strict rules or taboos regarding gender, age, sex, land ownership, and food consumption for working in the taro patches in Yap.  According to legend, the islands of Yap once lacked people, taro, coconut and bananas.  Then one day a ghost or ken in Yapese appeared in the form of a human and visited the area that is now known as Keng village in the Weeloay Municipality.

Click here to read more: http://www.mvariety.com/regional-news/84930-micronesian-legend-of-the-week-and-the-importance-of-local-food

Yapese Manuel Mingingfel Wins Gold in 69kg Category, Australian Open International Weightlifting Tournament

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Mar 232016

Manuel Minginfel has done it again! Congratulations for winning gold in the 69kg category on March 19, 2016 in the Australian Open International Weightlifting Tournament (March 18-20, 2016) in Brisbane, Australia.

Click here for the official post and image by Yap Sports Council.

Yap State Scholarship Office Announces Availability Of Australian Scholarship

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Mar 092016



COLONIA, Yap (WED-R&D) — The Workforce Enrichment Division’s (WED) Scholarship Office would like to announce the following opportunity to the general public:

The Australian Government has announced the opening of the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship (AAPS) for intake year 2017. The scholarship provides the opportunity for resident citizens from the Federated States of Micronesia to undertake studies at post-secondary institutions in the Pacific region for study levels of technical/vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate (up to Master’s level only).

The AAPS covers successful applicant’s tuition and institution fees, living expenses, basic overseas health coverage, tutorial assistance and economy class air travel back to your home country at the end of each year of study.

To be eligible, applicants must:
• Have citizenship of either the Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands or Republic of Palau;
• Have completed an Associate’s degree or due to complete by June 2016 with a GPA of 2.8 and above, OR a mature age student, at least 25 years old, with a minimum of five years’ work experience and high school GPA of 2.8 or above.

Applications can be completed online at the AusAID website: oasis.dfat.gov.au and must be submitted no later than April 30th.

Paper applications are also available at the Yap State Scholarship Office, and must be returned by April 15th to allow time to mail to the Australian Embassy in Pohnpei.

For more information on the scholarship and application process, please contact Brian Southwick, Scholarship Coordinator, at 350-2182 or email at southyap@yahoo.com.

Continue reading »

Feb 262016

Vester “Boomer” Robester of Yap & Pohnpei, and Isalei R. Afioa’e of American Samoa, have both joined the Pacific Students Media Team as our newest producers.  Vester and Isalei are both looking forward to telling more positive stories of Pacific Islanders.

To learn more about Vester and Isalei as well as the rest of our team, click here: http://www.pacificstudents.org/meet-the-team/

Jan 292016
SaLvage Islanders thanks all its supporters and Pacific Islanders working to uplift their community in Hilo and Hawaii as a whole (Credit: SaLvage Islanders)

SaLvage Islanders thanks all its supporters and Pacific Islanders working to uplift their community in Hilo and Hawaii as a whole (Photo Credit: SaLvage Islanders)

A Micronesian and Christian youth network is hoping to extend its roots in Hilo.  Known for its popular clothing line, Sa[L]vage Islanders was launched on New Year’s Eve 2012 in San Jose, California by two Yapese-Pohnpeian brothers.

Texter Robester and his younger brother Vester Robester were both born and raised in Hilo, later relocating to San Jose, California where after prayer, Texter conceived the vision for what would be later known as SaLvage Islanders (also known as SLVG Island’R). Continue reading »